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Pederson Construction
Founded 1975
  • We take time to listen to your special needs for your home, and deliver the results you want. 
  • We will show you how to take a fresh approach to remodeling  with an emphasis on custom woodwork with quality and value.

Have you found yourself saying, "I wish I knew how to take the worry out of it not getting done correctly?"   With our experience, we know what can go wrong, and how prevent it.

References available upon request

Give us a call today for free consultation and estimates: 303-688-2614

Kim Pederson - Owner
  • Kim Pedersen started in the construction business as a framing contractor. As business and capabilities grew he founded Pedersen Construction in 1975.
  • Pedersen has built and in some instances, designed over 50 custom or spec homes. As the general contractor, has framed, and completed the majority of the work, including tile, interior trim and exterior finish. As the general contractor he subs all electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall and concrete and masonry.

Superior Product

  • The key to doing good work starts with the framing. Straight lines and true forms are the basis of any home. In addition, the hands on, everyday presence can often circumvent potential problems, flaws in the design or window or wall movement to take advantage of views or efficiencies.

Everyday Presence

  • There is no substitute for on-site management, especially a manager that understands the intricacy of all trades. Pedersen's knowledge and people skills to bring out the best results for the very best quality.


  • Having performed the tasks of most of the trades, Kim is acutely aware of a job well done. His knowledge also is important in assisting sub-contractors in the problem solving arena that invariably are routine in the complex process of building. Pedersen Construction embodies the true Western spirit, that pioneer spirit characterized by strength, individuality and honesty. A hand shake mentality, where your word is your bond. Successful, for many years, with many references, is no small task and only accomplished through hard work, reliability and an innate sense of fair play.

Specialty Products

Self Storage
Quickie Buildings 
Framing Systems
Roof Systems
Wall Systems
Rigid Rock
Color Charts


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Pedersen Construction


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